SeCret SocIety oF BuTtErfLiEs – Visual Dreams Factory

L’arte non protegge, spoglia. E’ la bellezza terribile. Esposizione di un corpo ferito e offerto al mondo.
Prima un dolore forte poi una grande gioia.
Quale grande nazione ha gli Dei così vicini a sè?


Family Tree

Isabella Noseda and the big blue.
When she was just a little girl she wanted to be an archeologist finding the mysteries hidden under the sands of ancient Egypt or the writer (just to put on words her adventures).
Then she discovered the best exploration she colud do was inside her mind.
Now she builds up imaginary cities.

Mattia Noseda and his sled “Rosebud”.
When he was just a little boy he wanted to become a football player or Batman (as a second job, just to spread the bread).
Then he discovered the magic of sounds.
Now he distills the ado of my imaginary cities. — presso Somewhere in the snow.

Pascal Pino is afraid of the dark.
When he was just a little boy he wanted to be a brave explorer flying around the world on Falcor like in the NeverAndingStory.
As a second job he wanted to be a ghostbuster (just to have something to do for the weekend)
Then he heard a sound.
It was a polaroid.
Now he captures the flavour of light in his pictures. CLICK!
— presso Granny’s Shower